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Physician Voices for Patients and for Our Profession

Physicians for Patient Protection is a grassroots organization of practicing and retired physicians, residents, medical students, and assistant physicians (a new designation for physicians who have finished medical school but haven’t yet matched in a residency).

Our mission is to ensure physician-led care for all patients and to advocate for truth and transparency regarding healthcare practitioners.

We advance our mission by educating our colleagues, by influencing policy and legislation, and by educating our patients and the public.

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Physicians for Patient Protection is a 501-c-4 organization

We Need More Trained Physicians

For physicians, medical school is only the beginning. After graduation, physicians—now called residents—begin up to nine years of specialty training, or graduate medical education (GME). This training, required for licensure, is where pediatricians learn how to care for children and cardiologists learn how to treat patients with heart conditions. Funding for GME helps ensure enough residents learn to provide the care we need, when we need it.


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How You Can Help

As the U.S. population ages, and as greater numbers of Americans suffer from multiple chronic conditions, we need more physicians to provide care. Yet, the Association of American Medical Colleges forecasts a physician shortage of between 40,800 and 104,900 by 2030 unless we increase the number of physicians trained: Congress can help by providing adequate GME funding.

Protecting funding for GME training is essential to maintaining patient access to care. “SaveGME” is an ongoing effort to encourage patients, physicians, residents and medical students to urge Congress to protect GME funding and training for our next generation of physicians. Join the movement — tell Congress that adequate GME funding is essential to ensuring access to care for all Americans. Or, visit the Patients Action Network to see how cuts to GME could hinder your access to quality care.


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